Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wilshire Monorail—2

There were also these two great simulations of a monorail above Wilshire at Fairfax, using a Las Vegas station to show how much space it would take. The landmark former May Co. department store, now part of the LA County Museum of Art, is on the left.

Metro doesn't recommend further study of any aerial alternatives in this corridor, either HRT, LRT, or monorail. (click images to enlarge)

Stations are large, especially with pedestrian bridges for access. Straddle bents (the beams spanning the street) are used when there's not space for columns.

See my previous 6/23/07 post Wilshire Monorail? on this subject, also Flood channel monorails?

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Ian McIlvaine said...

There are definitely some ugly monorail designs, but it doesn't have to be the case. You seem to be intent on showing monorails in the worst possible light by posting images like that. Do you balance the presentation by showing the ugly sides of other forms of transportation?