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2. Global Warming

A strong, credible body of scientific evidence shows that climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for a broad range of human and natural systems. – U.S. National Academy of Sciences, 2010
This January 2011 NASA chart shows 2010 tied (with 2005) for the hottest year on record, and is part of the hottest decade on record. It "is compiled from weather data from more than 1000 meteorological stations around the world, satellite observations of sea surface temperature and Antarctic research station measurements."

Multiple reconstructions of historic temperatures show it is now the hottest in 2,000 years (PDF). More perspective on temperature reconstructions from Climate Progress and Skeptical Science.

Glaciers and ice sheets are melting around the world. For example, Muir Glacier in Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park, 1892 (left), has vanished in 2005 (right; both USGS).

Arctic sea ice is at record lows, and melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets is increasing. The “Albedo Effect” of shiny ice replaced by dark ocean further accelerates warming.

Not only is sea level rising, but most of the excess heat and has been absorbed in the ocean, resulting in stronger hurricanes. CO2 is also making the ocean more acidic, endangering shellfish and coral reefs.

A new NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory study projects a one-foot rise by 2050. If the 100,000-year-old, mile-thick Greenland Ice Sheet melted it would raise sea level over 23 feet.

Effects of global warming include extreme weather – severe heat, storms, floods, drought and dust bowls. Great wildfires (photo – Station Fire behind downtown Los Angeles, August 2009) are a result of heat, drought, and pine borer beetles that were formerly killed by cold winters.

Greater heat and less water reduce food crops.

Climate doesn't change all by itself for no good reason. Something has to force it. – Mark Serreze, National Snow and Ice Data Center director

The Greenhouse Effect is well-documented. That something is CO2 levels, primarily from burning fossil fuels over the last century – and other greenhouse gases – that have risen with temperature (NASA chart). This atmospheric CO2 acts like a thermostat to control the temperature of the Earth.

Warming is not caused by the sun: temperature is rising despite falling solar irradiance.

In fact, 97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming via greenhouse gas emissions.

See more in NASA's Climate change: How do we know?, Empirical evidence that humans are causing global warming, and Climate Progress, especially:

Transportation is the second-largest emissions sector nationally (above, US EPA, Tables 2-12 & 2-15) and the greatest in California (due to less coal-fired electricity, below, CARB; more on AB 32 Scoping Plan)

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Dr Ritesh Arya said...

Climate change Natural : Geological Perspective
Dr Ritesh Arya,

Climate Change talks start with the word Climate Change but the very next moment they are talking about OZONE depletion,Green House Effect,Pollution and now CO2. Then they propose stupid ideas like Breathe less you are exhaling more CO2 and may be contributing to climate change or Cow dungs major contributor to warming. UNIPCC over the years have worked hard to establish the relationship between activities of man,industrialisation,pollution with climate change but failed to establish and provide any convincing scientific evidence to support the same. If this relationship between GHGs and temperature propagated by UNIPCC is to be believed then we are heading towards a great catastrophe because by 2050 GHGs are bound to increase exponentially due to rise in CO2 emission due to increased Industrial and Infra structural growth to support the growing population which will also reach 9 billion mark if UN reports are to be believed.Therefore according to Al Gore the temperatures should rise exponentially leading to alarming rates leading to major catastrophe and finally extinction. But this will not be true.....New Geological research of Dr Arya based on discovery of Paleo climatic signatures in the shape of C cycles from Ladakh Indian Himalayas clearly show that temperatures will not increase but will dip down after reaching Global Maxima. Actually there is no relationship between the two. Global Temperatures are controlled by natural cyclic process and not by emission's natural (volcanic eruptions) or man made.

According to present findings by the author "Climate Change is a natural cyclic process like DAY & NIGHT comprising of Global warming and cooling process which are cyclic in nature wherein global warming acts as a TRANSPORTING AGENCY in nature, responsible for transporting all the materials deposited during global cooling times. Floods and cyclones are two important agents of global warming". These activities of climate change are very well preserved in the rocks in the form of curving embedded in the massive rocks.

Present paper reports discovery of paleo-climatic signatures embedded in the massive batholiths in Ladakh beautifully preserved in the form of C curves resembling alphabet C, hence their name. Starting of alphabet C represents global cooling maxima or the Ice age,the top flat portion represents transition from ice age to cooling age whereas central portion represents transition from cooling to warming times. Centre of alphabet C represents global warming Maxima marked by massive floods and cyclones causing maximum amount of transportation of the material at any given time of natural cycle. Therefore it is the time of maximum destruction in any climate cycle. Intensity of destruction decreases once we are away from maxima and heads towards transition from global warming maxima to warming and finally cooling and culminating at global cooling maxima i.e Ice Age marked by completion of alphabet C. where erosion and deposition are the dominant factors.

Based on calculations by the author there are 8 complete C cycles and 2 half or small C cycles.
So each complete C cycle represents 1338 years whereas half C cycle represents 669 years.
Important question here is where are we in these cycles. If International Reference Standards is to be taken as the base line for the last Ice Age then definitely we are in the middle of small or half C cycle and Global Warming Maxima was in 2010 marked by global flooding event of small magnitude witnessed in all the continents. I myself was trapped in massive flooding event in Leh Ladakh India on 5thAugust 2010 and was miraculously escaped on that night. The flooding event recorded deposition of 3m - 8m in a fraction of second which left 190 people dead and damage to loss of animal life and property.

aryas said...

aryas said...

Global Warming is 100% Natural

Global Warming is beyond CO2 games

Global Warming Natural Geological Perspective

Darrell Clarke said...

How does the claim of natural cycles address these facts:

1. CO2, a result of burning fossil fuels and documented as a greenhouse gas, is the highest in 650,000 years and rising.

2. Global temperatures are the highest in 2,000 years and rising.

Dr Ritesh Arya said...

there is no relationship between CO2 and temperature rise CO2 levels may rise but next century from 2010 we will witness dips in global temperatures we are heading towards global cooling.....

global temperatures were maximum in 2010 but will be never higher then that for the next 334 years.........2010 was the global maxima and now we are heading towards global warming

aryas said...

finally into cooling culminating into ice age

Darrell Clarke said...

there is no relationship between CO2 and temperature rise

Sorry, the greenhouse effect is long-documented scientific fact.

You cite long-term climate cycles, but caused by what?

aryas said...

Greenhouse gas effect and temperature are independent of each other..........sorry there is no established science which supports the relationship scientifically

My cycles are Natural like day and night cyclic and not controlled by man or his actions or any other natural event which may increase green house effect Same force which cause day and night to happen or revolutions to take place actually control the cyclicty of warming and cooling

Darrell Clarke said...

Greenhouse gas effect and temperature are independent of each other

Wikipedia disagrees with you.

My cycles are Natural

I cited this quote for a reason: "Climate doesn't change all by itself for no good reason. Something has to force it. – Mark Serreze, National Snow and Ice Data Center director"

There are natural cycles - for example small variations in the Earth's orbit - that over long periods of time have changed solar insolation and therefore climate in the past. But this time is far faster, for other reasons.

aryas said...

Lot needs to be changed including the definition of climate change and the wikipedia and Mark Serreze or whoever you are going to quote in future has to accept the geological cyclicty of the C curves because the paleo climate signatures discovered by me are uniform cycles and have a uniform symmetry so there is no doubt about the cyclicity of the events. I am coming with detailed graphs soon.... enjoy warming because that is the best part to be on this planet earth.....

i will be happy to answer any questions regarding climate change

Greenhouse gas effect and temperature are independent of each other

wikipedia and others cannot deny these discoveries which speak volume about the natural cyclicity of these global warming and cooling cycles

DAK4Blizzard said...

C Curves, eh? Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.